Hardware Development

Component development

Flight Simulation

There is extensive experience in developing hardware for the Windows flight simulators FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane. Some ITRA assemblies have been further developed. Here a USB controller serves as the central control component, to which input and output elements are connected and which takes over the communication with the PC. Events from buttons, switches and encoders can be processed, outputs are possible via LEDs.

Avionics modules have been developed with an Arduino as control component. An Arduino Pro Mini, LCD panel and Ethernet controller are connected to a central circuit board. The Arduino processes the button and encoder events, sends them via Ethernet to the communication interface of the FS. The states of the FS are sent to the Arduino and displayed on the LCD panel. The functions are described in Sim&IT-Wiki.
Für FSX und Prepar3D wird die Kommunikationsschnittstelle SimConnect für den Datenaustausch verwendet, im X-Plane übernehmen Plugins diese Funktion.

In my Sim&IT-Wiki there is information about advanced hardware and communication interfaces e.g:

Model Railway

There are different approaches for the digitalization of model railways. Digitrax has designed the LocoNet® as a robust bus system for model railways. The bus is accessed via CSMA/CD technology, which is known from Ethernet. For the LocoNet® there is a variety of hardware available. Circuits from the available sources were partly adapted. The data are accessible via the model railway section of the Sim&IT-Wiki.


Development of Simulation Hard- and -Software for formerly company ITRA