Support for ITRA Products

In order to exchange data with the Flight Simulator, a communication interface must be installed for the Flight Simulator, which realizes the connection with the USB controller or with the panel software. In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 a small instrument of the ITRA ActivePanel-Gauges is added to the aircraft panel for this data exchange. This interface still works in FSX.

However, all later developments by ITRA for MS-FSX and Prepar3D are based on the SimConnect interface introduced by Microsoft with FSX. For new installations, the use of ITRA SimConnect clients is recommended for all products.

In the Xplane flight simulator, plug-ins handle the communication with the ITRA devices.

There are also independent programs for the ITRA-UCP, which can Further information is available in the Sim&IT-Wiki and in the manuals.

The files provided here (software and manuals) are partly copies of the last delivered versions of the former company ITRA.

Revisions have been made to some Xplane plug-ins and SimConnect clients. For MSFS2020, the SimConnect clients with the associated SDK were adapted and created as a 64-bit version. The TFT software, the X-Plane plugins and the MSFS2020-SimConnect-CLients require a license key. Without a license key the programs work for approx. 10 minutes as demo version.

For questions and to purchase the license keys you can contact me by email.

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